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Kindly use the form below only to request a quote for our Data Services from Structured Concepts. We have provided a series of forms on our website to ensure that we receive information in a structured manner so that we are able to serve you better.

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Legacy Formats
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Viewing Applications
Kodak Document Imaging
Eagle CRISS Plus
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Sample Procurement
Processing a Sample of your Media
Structured Concepts would like to run a sample of your documents. The purpose of this is two fold:
  • Allows Structured Concepts to determine the following:
  • Estimation of the measurement of your project (how many files or boxes of paper, rolls of film, microfiche , maps, etc - Rough estimate)
  • How long your media takes to prepare - If required (This includes removing staples, sticky notes, cleaning of film or fiche etc.)
  • How long does your media take to Scan and Index - Every job is different depending on the quality of the film or paper, As well as the indexing scheme required
Yes - I can send out a sample of the source media this week or next.
No - I cannot release samples of the source media.
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After a sample of your media is run you will receive a Free copy of the digitally indexed images, (Or film if Archiving) so you can see what the final product will look like.